@BronBermudez: Fashion Icon & Globetrotter

From Czechoslovakia to Barcelona, the man is on the prowl! I finally got to touch base with the infamous designer via FaceTime. He left his roots of Philadelphia to break ground across the world. It was so amazing to hear of his quest through the theatre business that he himself felt was quite different and an ultimate learning curve from a fashion perspective. Brandon is the man with the plan. He let me in on some insight of a possible new collection hitting the scene in 2019. You are going to love the reveal. I got first dibs, of course. You know the girl always into the new, new! Anyway, how amazing is the broken promises collection seen above? It has been hitting the West Coast heavy! @bronbermudez is nothing short of amazing. I got to dive into his ideals and his concepts of life and truly have more of an understanding of the creative. He is full of life and burst at the seams, literally!

Yanez Perez

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