Black & White

Anyone who knows me or has spent enough time around me knows that as a true city girl I spend September to March wearing Black. All black everything! The sexiest thing about my boyfriend was, well not the sexiest he has many sexy attributes but we both admire the all black appeal.....  

It screams bad ass with a sense of mystery. I decided that wearing black in the summer could do one of two things.

1. Make me a target for humidity. 

2. Or with the correct pieces allow me to stand against the crowd, you know, my favorite position.

I paired this $15.00 shirt I got at H&M with a vintage skirt I picked up in good ol' Fishtown. I threw on these amazing Karl Largerfield heels I got on sale, grabbed a bright handbag and pretended to ignore the world but actually had the volume down on my earphones. Nothing like being in my own little world while actually observe it all! 

Yanez Perez

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