"I Can Show You Better Than I Can Tell You."

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When I said this interview would be lit, I meant it. This designer featured in Harper's Bazzar & Vogue Magazine started her life like any other little girl from Philly, with a dream. She would doodle her way to success with just four years under her belt as a brand, Jovan has designed for legends like Aretha Franklin, celebrities and the who's who of Philadelphia. She made it very clear that her heart was for God and has always led her journey! She allowed me to be shadowed for this interview by a student from a local public high school that I have teamed with for the last couple of years only to give to young lady insight on what following your aspirations truly looks like in person. Jovan was peaceful to say the least but she was expressive and super intellectual. Her story was focused and she had drive that was obvious to her persona from day uno! She was a star! Despite dressing them the girl is heading in the right direction for the win. 

Q. Have you experienced the what I like to call the infamous 40 days & 40 nights of the creative spirit? 

A. Yes, everything is flowing and then all of a sudden like nothing is buzzing! There is always constant change especially on this table (points to sewing machine) and for a long period of time there is nothing happening. It's a resting phase and then all of a sudden my creativity starts right up again. It's a cycle and now I am learning to get used to it and actually enjoy the rest.



Q. What are some things that you would say cloud your creativity?

A. Negativity is No. 1! That could be in relationships, friendship and in anything you care about. Being a creative you do have to have a level of selfishness to stay focused on what your working on. If your the type of person who is easily swayed, you can definitely be empathetic but you have to be focused. 

Jovan, thanks for allowing me into your space! You were truly a joy to be around and your success is one that we all are happy to witness! Stay beautiful. 


Yanez Perez

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