The Silhouette of Womanhood

Adulting while being an entrepreneur and balancing a love life has been quite the journey and I thought I was the ultimate multitasker before this point in my life. I found my closet as a new found refuge to say the least. I am not a runner but what's that thing they would talk about from my psychology course, fight or flight! Well, I was compelled to share my truth per usual in this moment to assure myself and my readers that being human is an amazing gift and also very impossible without structure and love. Recently, I found that music has also been my escape, preferably old school salsa. Yes, the music my mother would play Saturday mornings while yelling each lyric to the top of her lungs while sweeping. I get the habits of constant change, yelling and free will from my mother. Hell, any Puerto Rican family is loud. So in my journey to creating my own family I found this adulting thing to be profound. It's like I can some day be responsible for the structure to how an entire unit functions and I actually don't mind taking on the task. Womanhood is probably the coolest freaking thing ever. Anywho, so this summer I was exploring my options with the color black. It's like I was having a difficult transition from the winter into the spring and forgetting the summer is already here. The cool thing is that depending on the fabrics you actually can get away with wearing it. I called my girl @jvdoreto take some shots of me while sitting pretty in black, what are your thoughts? 

Yanez Perez

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