Part Red: @allamericanbadboy Memorial Day Weekend Special


The moment I opened the screen of my computer to begin typing the craziest thing happened. A set of numbers appeared under my Microsoft Word account. Numbers, huh? Yeah, well not just any numbers, of course! I’ll have trouble trying to explain this in writing because it was a“had to be there” moment. The number one continuously appeared across the screen. The most interesting aspect of this moment is not only the obvious calling to begin writing in plain view but the song playing in the back ground. I just asked Alexa the name of the song and she said she couldn’t replay the last song because it wasn’t supported, whatever that means.Ugh, technology is such a pain in the ass. Anyway, more or less the lyrics distinctly stated, “The time is now!” What a wonderful season to find clarity? The Summer of 2018.This should definitely be the title to my book, if and when I ever decided to fit writing one into my already tight schedule of absolutely all things revolving around me. Yes, I am selfish. Hello, haven’t you kept up! Oh and only a chunk of the rollercoaster of my Fall/Winter 2018 would definitely scare anyone away from the reality to live a little. From love to work, friends, family and everything in between. Can you believe that I actually forgot me? Deep thoughts, Deeper breathing & Exhale........... 

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Yanez Perez

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