Part Blue: @allamericanbadboy Memorial Day Weekend Special


I went from dope boys running the block to dope guys on the block. Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you thee @allamericanbadboy I had a few run ins with the kid for a few years now through fashion events and fashion forward whatevers. The point is the guy always stood out to me. I believe if I’m not mistaken I had the duty of choosing models for my dear friend Carmelita of Carmelita Couture’s t-shirt line New Wine Apparel and there he stood, one hundred feet in the air, lol! Just kidding, nah, the kid was dope, wait I said that already. The point is his attire mostly caught my attention. I had to learn more, so guess which two people sat down at a local coffee shop and talked fashion? I was going to write the entire thing out but I literally have been coming back to this screen at least twelve times and I finally decided it’s better if you listen to it yourself. Press play below and check out the images to see the style of the guy I’ve been so interested in interviewing for so long. Oh, and don't judge me I had my Becky with the good hair voice on.


Yanez Perez

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