1 Down

The rest of my life to execute.... and to think I don't necessarily give myself enough credit for working as hard as I do. 

MY LIFE will be written and sold my fair friends for the causalities that leave other people stumped. Anywho there I was standing and talking per usual. The(one hour)newly ring giving Fiancée looks over at his bride to be and says with a huge smile across his face, "She has every woman's dream job!" I was in the middle of Rittenhouse Square at the most eloquent and exclusive event in all of Philadelphia. The event where the movers and shakers step foot through the door. 

I was surrounded by beauty and a pure essence 

yet that quote was the only thing that stuck with me the entire week. I have to be grateful to know that this year was very powerful. From my immediate online launch to the event for Brandon Bermudez, to booking contracts with designers like Carmelita Couture, Erdon Boutique and Susexy Bikinis to witnessing Paris Fashion Week. I am a lucky girl! I mean, blessed. I am a blessed woman and I am so grateful to all the support. Thank you very much! One thing I will never change through this continuous journey is my fist swinging personality and big heart for genuine and natural connections to art and humans. And now that my foundation has been set the last step is solely making my way out into the world once again after a four year hiatus to make every little girls dream come true...building a High Fashion empire. Anos numero dos, here I come!

Outfit @erdonboutique

Hair & Makeup @KrushNation

Yanez Perez

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