5 Reasons Why I Suck At Adulthood

1.     I rather sleep! The problem I have is that most of my friends are in my age group and that shouldn’t be a problem necessarily except pertaining to this subject we do not relate. Yes, the infamous 20’s and of course this is the dire age to experience everything. It’s just the thing to do, right? Experience the parties, festivals, restaurants and (is anyone else getting sleepy here?) Seriously, I need a stunt double. I literally rather peruse the wine aisle for the newest Italian import, snuggle up with my laptop and some Mediterranean snacks. Did I just say snuggle with my laptop? Please help! 

 2.     I still don’t want to reproduce into society. That sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Urgh, God please forgive me but I have this little voice in my head that circles around saying, “You can’t afford it, yet!” It’s true and not just financially. I contemplate things I would have to sacrifice. You know, like sleep! I do however; imagine a bunch of little ones running around but just not tomorrow.

 3.     When will money finally make since to me? I swear I do not remember a time in our human history where everything seemed so valuable. I see it all the time in those around me. Constant wants equal constant buys. The unbalance between what they lack and have abundance of. I see it in my own life. I don’t know about you but I was never taught financial responsibility. I literally learned on my own. Throughout college I teeter tottered my understanding of a safety net to find the balance I needed. Mentally I figured it out but we all know practice makes perfect!

4.     I just don’t want to grow up! (Imagine me with hands crossed against my chest and lips pouted. That’s right just like a child!) Although the human race spends more time in adulthood than any other age bracket I just can’t phantom the change. I knew it all went downhill when coffee became my go-to item. Yep! Café. Someday my friend I will embrace this adult thing but I am telling you right now all I dread are aging wrinkles around my eyes, retirement funds and the boredom of silence wrapped with a bow in a coffin. Yikes!

 5.     I can’t remember things the way I used to. I can’t remember things the way I used to. I can’t remember… gotcha! I will say my sense of humor has reached new heights, which are an upside to my ageless wisdom but my memory is shot. Not on purpose of course. Sometimes, I just literally have no clue what people are talking about. I just smile, nod and try to piece things together through clues or I just use my infamous change the subject by complimenting your shirt trick and walk away with the fake urgency to pee. Can I say pee anymore? Do grown-ups say pee? Ladies room. Excuse me while I go to the Ladies Room? OMG, it’s happening. 


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Yanez Perez

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