Denise Fike

That's right! During my interview with thee Denise Fike I had the opportunity to sit in her beautiful loft and learn of the journey that led this woman to expression in such a way that stands out for a lifetime. Denise has been spotted doing live sketches during soiree’s held at the infamous Joan Shepp Boutique to fashion shows at the Ritz Carlton. She is a Philadelphian mogul. Aside from her tall whimsical array of work displayed below I couldn’t help but to ask of her fashion appeal. Denise, like myself remembers a time when women dressed as such! Her love for flowers, colors and hats can be seen all around her. It was such an amazing feeling to be in her space. While her and I spoke she actually took the time to sketch me. I was all over her loft like a child playing in her mother’s closet. If you are ever in town and lay eyes on this mystery woman be sure to allow her presence speak for itself…….

Yanez Perez

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