"The Key?"

I can literally here, [opps I meant the other hear] Dj Khaled playing in the background while I type, I got the keys, the keys, the keys.... To Noel Zayas, "The Key is Collaboration." He is by far the most excellent event planner in Philadelphia. There is something keen about his approach when it comes to getting the job done to a prestige visual acceptance and that is by any means necessary. He is and has been thee Event Planning Guru in this town for over two decades and I can tell you right now I had an undeniable urge to tweak his brain to learn more of his quest. The Philadelphian native spoke of his early understanding that his determination would lead him outside of his circumstance into a world of creativity and success.



He let nothing get in his way and if the slightest shift occurred he purposely surrounded himself with a solid foundation of real people. He has set the platform for so many artists after him. He began his journey in nightclubs across the city and now is responsible for making every little girl’s big day come to life, yes, wedding planning. You remember Shampoo nightclub? How about Transit nightclub? Yeah, well you can thank him for the outpouring of guests and that is just two out of several places and people Noel Zayas is responsible for attracting others to. His personality is very big and bright and if you only know how truly amazing he is. Listen, if you are looking for someone to make your events excellent. Noel is the production artist/planner for you, period! 

Designer: Carmelita Couture

Artist: Victor Atkins

Locations: Valanni Restaurant & Euphoria Cafe

Yanez Perez

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