A Ride With Steel Pony

Over the years I've had the privilege to be apart of a growing industry in Philadelphia and my goal has always been to have it captured. Steel Pony has provided Philadelphia with amazing trends for over the last three decades. Wife and husband duo, Joanne and Dennis Wolk who are both Philadelphian natives allowed Valery Cadet [Instead’s Visual Creator] and I to peruse through their space and create a story worth reading. Joanne made it clear that her style and passion for the arts began as a little girl. Her boldness to be creative started very early as she told me of one story where she created her own garments in a fashion class while the other students stuck to the framework. #GIRLPOWER Her pattern making and sewing abilities came natural to her as she grew up in a family where creativity was the norm. She followed her passions across the world working with lead designers in the industry and eventually reconnecting with her roots in the heart of Philadelphia. Recently, I went to a monthly event held at her boutique where she styles customers and demonstrates how to wear some of her work. Many of the pieces are multi functioning. For example, a black robe I purchased can be worn in many different ways. Her husband Dennis is the designer of various elements to the overall brand which include handbags and belts you can see in the images above. If you are ever in the south part of town please make your way over to Steel Pony and check out their eco friendly and sustainable garments created directly in house. You may even be lucky enough to catch them creating a garment right before your very eyes! For more stories sign up for Tuesday Trend @ 2 0'clock

Yanez Perez

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