What Type Of Shopper Are You?

No Decision Necessary

This shopper decides that all items are necessary so no decision is ever made. When it comes to shopping there is never a goal set or met. This shopper typically has items in their home that have no place. They shop because they feel the need to. This can be a scary habit. Stop! You may have the funds but do you have the space. Test yourself. Go to a part of your home you store things. If you find something you never knew you had decisions on shopping are necessary!

The “Shop till you Drop”

Out of funds. Every single penny has been spent on something. This shopper indulges in instant gratification. Ask yourself what was the longest time you let your money relax before you threw it back into the money cycle of business for someone else to treat better. I was this type of shopper in my teens. I grew up with very little money so all the money that came in I immediately needed to use. The problem is this type of spending creates a cycle of impoverished thinking. Try this: Grab $120.00 dollars and save it for three months. DO NOT SPEND IT! Once the three months are done add another $120.00 to your savings. If you continue to do this every three months by the end of the year $500.00 will be saved! If you can allow $500.00 to go unspent in this time frame you may have turned a new leaf!

Now that you have learned the type of shopper you are hire me for your next haul. 

Yanez Perez

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