Writer's Block, No Longer

“Why is this happening to me?” One thing my readers will never have to worry about is my honesty. I built my entire brand by being punctual, honest, hard working and full of jokes. As a writer the last thing you want to occur is a whole lot of something and a whole lot of nothing. There I was sitting in front of my laptop envisioning all my latest experiences with my fingers to the keyboard but they wouldn’t move. “I need inspiration?” I just had four months of inspiration after I officially launched my company in July of this year and still I couldn’t seem to get it on paper. Why? “People are waiting for me, Lord.”  I have to tell them about of all this cool stuff. Fashion weeks, styling, my “I AM” beauty boxes selling out and Nope! My fingers still wouldn’t type. I literally had to wait on the right timing. “Who wants to do that?” I had exciting news and I needed to share. It was only a matter of time (3 weeks, 2 days and 18 hours to be exact) before my fingers began to do what they are doing in this very moment…releasing.

According to my wild search across the Internet the average person begins to dress themselves around three years old. What distinguishes style from just getting the garments on is simply experience. Well, that may be true for some people. I think we all can be able to agree of instances when you see someone and thought to yourself, why?

“Please take the jacket off!” Val exclaimed. It was like he was only hoping I would crack a clear opening for insults upon my choice of attire and then ran with the concept. “I don’t think I tried this outfit on after I styled it. What do you think?” His reply was something similar to an interception in football.

There it was an image consultant with a clear understanding that my artistry may not have been on the best canvas this time around. I do, however, like the jacket better off because it makes a statement. That statement was very clear, “Never wear this in public again.” We always make this mistake. And it was clear despite my career choice and love for garments we all have questionable experiences with attire. I remember growing up. We didn’t have much money to go out and buy name brand clothing. I’ll be honest even during my hauls I was never quite attracted to the name brands. I was a stubborn shopper. A name brand told me what looks best with a label smacked across the chest or in some instances across the hinny. "Hinny, really Yanez, what are we three years old? The butt, mmmm excuse me, across the buttock." So back to the affordability of clothing. I realized that this was an issue early on. But that's where my learning curve began. I didn’t necessarily accept it although I creatively dressed the part for every occasion. I learned to have style. I remember always being teased. The modern day insult would be, “What are those?” 

I'm sure you have places to go. I'll finish up next week. See you Tuesday!

Yanez Perez

Instead is an Image Consulting Company that creates a cohesive online and offline presence through personal style and personal brand.