Tuesday Trends @ 2 O'clock

A lot of my life is a bit of a blur but from time to time I remember such profound moments that help build my character and shift my mind into wholeness again.

I remember sitting in class once and learning about a person that may or may not be complete as a human and if that ever existed what it would look like. By whole I don’t mean having all fingers and toes but simply having a divine insight on oneself and understanding of their purpose in life.

Many of my peers responded to my professor and few admitted to feeling like they themselves were in this position but there was a hope in the room of what that would look like. I drifted off in the spirit and knew despite all that I had experienced thus far I knew for certain that this person existed. 

I was she.

My mother was one hell of a woman and the set example I had to look up to all of my life. My grandmother was also a set example of what a woman would become through strength, suffering, tribulation, experience and prayer.

My life was simple at first. I remember trips to my grand mothers house on the weekends. My little sister and I always wore matching outfits. I had large curly hair and my sister grew up in her pigtails. We were spoiled and had no clue of the world around us. There was a comfort that was created and that’s when vulnerability slipped in.

The vulnerability was by the adults around me. My mother was very young when I was born. She was 17 years old. She was a High school graduate with a bright future ahead of her. She loved wearing fashionable clothes and was always making a way to support us. She was a hustler to say the least. 

My grandmother is the most amazing support system any family could ask for. She made sure that if my mother gave us something she would double it simply for the love of us. This was our life until the vulnerability slipped in.

See what we saw was different from what we heard and felt. I didn’t begin to feel until I was about 5 and I stopped feeling around 11.

Most people say their lives go from rags to riches but mine went from lies to stitches. 

Tuesday Trends @ 2 O'clock

Nik grew up in New Hampshire. He went from working for Diesel to his first Diesel Campaign. During our interview he touched on topics regarding his artistry, freedom of expression through clothing and globe trotting. He was very genuine and spoke clearly of his goals of taking this business to the next level. He spends most of his days working towards networking with various brand and expressing his art through photography. If you haven’t already click the link to his page and see for yourself.