Tuesday Trends @ 2 O'Clock

Nikki: “Hey! How are you? I’m sorry, I’ve been so busy. I’m preparing for the new season.” 

Yanez: Oh Really? Stop right there, tell me all about it...

With the new influx in fashionable projects around the city [thanks to social media] believe it or not, a short time ago there were very few leaders in the modeling/fashion industry. Nikki Poles being one of them. She and I ran into each other often setting the stage at runway shows, photoshoots and events. Most recently, I caught up with the Trinidad native. Keywords for GORGEOUS, obvi!

While juggling a family and social life Nikki still finds time to maintain her business. My kind of gal, minus the family unless you consider plants like children then yes, I can relate. Sort of, right? Never mind. 

I had a ton of questions for her and they all seem to lead to her initial inspiration and love for fashion. She found a niche in the biz, bowties! Her husband and she frequent events and his presentation most of the time calls for a suit and tie. But even suits can become a little bow-ing, right? Get it! Lol! Oh, I be cracking myself up. Haha! Okay, enough of that back to business. She began finding that less and less designs were up to her standards of unique, fun and well let’s admit it something that calls for change. 

That’s truly what fashion signifies, a big fat CHANGE. Get it? Change of shoes, outfits, purses, accessories, etc. I am seriously having way too much fun. Speaking of such, Nikki sent me samples of her recent line. Super cute! I will be releasing a video closer to Halloween in a unique piece. LEOPARD PRINT. Like really? These handmade bundles of joy are so worth the price and for crying out loud I didn’t realize they are unisex too. If you’re interested in pizazz when it comes to this signature piece, click here to see more. Oh, one last thing the girl shipped to Cali, I mean seriously can L.A. stop taking all the fashionistas away. I see what your doing but its cool, don’t forget we have always been the underdog but according to these recent stats not for too much longer…

Tuesday Trends @ 2 O'Clock


This art show case for SWAGGAHOUSE last week mixed with a birthday celebration was litty and in case you missed it the duo put on a really dope show! Here is a glimpse. There were features of multiple curators including @artby_glitch who teamed together with the infamous tattoo artist. They created canvases and skateboards that nearly blew my mind. The room was spot-on luxury with a creative edge that speaks the mere essence behind the brand and it was executed to a Tee by @vpcelebrations. Yet another artist from the Pichardo family. So it’s a fact that the creativity is definitely in the bloodline! Several years ago, I was gifted with a painting made by the artist and nearly a year ago after the murder of a dear friend the brush hit the canvas to bring forth life yet again. To gain insight, most recently I’ve watched as both Gini and Ron create an empire that stands alone. From maintaining a household with beautiful eccentric kids who are free to express their creativity to keeping the love of art as the forefront of the business and of course sparks flying in their union. Not only have they kept one of the longest last businesses in Philly beginning as two kids madly in love with art and each other but they consistently put a face to art and freedom. Click here for their most recent event at the Philadelphia Convention Center and stay tuned for more to come. And with that being said see you next Tuesday Trends @ 2 O’Clock, “You Fucking Weirdos!”

Tuesday Trends @ 2 O' Clock

URBANE /ərˈbān/


  1. (of a person, especially a man) suave, courteous, and refined in manner.

“One thing I remember most about the playroom at St. Christopher’s Hospital were the building blocks. Each time we were there for my cancer treatments I just remember playing like any other kid.” - Charles Jay

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The reason I love writing so much about fashion in Philly is because I can be cocky. Since I’m not the topic of discussion it doesn't come off as vein. So the air is always open for talking shit. Big Shit!

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 5.19.22 PM.png

Happy Birthday!

In celebration of @CharlesJay B-Day he is releasing his new line. During our interview I had the pleasure of experiencing his garments while being given the opportunity to learn more about the business man with the creative edge. HIS-TORY began as a cancer survivor from childhood. An awakening of his creativity leading to a clothing line that embarks the true essence of a survivor. And of course, nothing less than BRILLIANCE. The ravishing color combinations and sleek functional appeal of his pieces have set the mode for something transformational. “This is something I seen before.” My thoughts when I witnessed yet another artist attempt to reenact his swag on a dominant scale. I was referring to the common “instagram theft”, of portrayed creativity. For years, I too have dealt with this. Sharing your life is one thing but there is a big difference from the common Instagram model and God’s calling on your life. The images speak different. They tell a story and often when reenacted there is nothing more obvious then the purpose of one’s life being called to be witnessed by the masses. URBANE is chosen…..

Tuesday Trends @ 2 O'clock (Independence Day Special Edition)

Happy Independence Day!

Here are some ideas of what you can wear to avoid committing a fashion faux pas:

1. Try sticking to the holidays main colours, reds, whites and blues of course. You can totally wear these colors together if you know how to style them right. For example, I tried sticking to a (mostly) all white outfit with a splash of red as the main focus of my outfit.

2. Do try to keep it as simple as possible, as less is more. As for the accessories, if you’re outfit is a bit simple or casual, you can try and have some fun with funky accessories. For this outfit, I tried keeping it interesting with the fringe bag, just to add a little edge and oomph to the outfit. Between the bag and the blazer, they are sure the key elements of the outfit.

3. Other things you can try is having cool big earrings or a statement necklace to try and compliment the outfit. Hope this helps some of you get inspired for the Fourth, happy holidays!

Curator: Jackie Mendoza

Tuesday Trends @ 2 O'clock

What a season! The busiest week in Philly for me is always Philly Fashion Week. There is so much to see, people to connect with and so much art to witness. Here is a little of the progression of Philly Fashion Week as it stands today. I still remember attending the first model castings on Broad Street for what would be this exact event many years later. I didn’t make the part but a true lesson was learned. We are all apart of bringing this industry together in its own unique way. This week is where hopeful designers are given the opportunity to show some of their long awaited designs and have a step in the door, be one step closer to their dreams. Philly Fashion week has two seasons, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. This year, some of the lucky designers that were able to showcase their designs include Prajje Oscar, Unsatisfied Fashion House, Freemen By Mickey and JD Collection. Through the designs shown in their shows, the audience was able to get an insight of what and who inspires them. A prime example would be the JD Collection, who clearly gave a futuristic vibe off with some off his Balmain inspired outfits. The Unsatisfied Fashion House line was inspired by some of today’s teen trends, rebel-like clothing with a hint of posh, a trend that I am sure we will see around not only this Summer but in the fall as well.

Curator: Jackie M.
Editor: Yanez P