Stella McCartney

I suppose in honor of Columbus Day we should take a little voyage through Joan Shepp. Fashion Week hit the scene heavy in Philly with tons to do including runway shows, presentations and season releases. One of the must sees was the new Stella McCartney collection. The color palette ranged from darks to accent shades of purple and beige. The collection also included floral designs, patterns and some mean shoes! Take a look or stop into Joan Shepp to check out the collection in person.


One thing that Philly will never have to worry about when it comes to this blog is my journey at keeping the dress game the focus. I'm not really into the world around this city. I'm focused on the home of the champs. We just ain't never had anyone capture the essence of our game changers, innovators and so on. This guy has always shown love. Here is a feature for a real one, Philly's King!