Janeen, 30, Glenolden, PA

For many years I struggled with trying to create an image that would complement my figure and portray my inner confidence. I always found myself taking numerous trips to the mall and spending tons of money on clothing would end up shoved in the back of my closet. Throughout most of my life, it always seemed impossible to build a quality wardrobe because of my constant weight fluctuation. A few months before my 30th birthday, I was determined to do something different. I knew that I needed help but I really didn’t even know where to start. Not even two weeks after I had this conversation with myself, I had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful, spirit-filled young woman named Yanez. When I found out that she offered an image consulting services, I was thrilled. I was so tired of playing it safe and I really needed some diversity within my wardrobe.  Yanez and I discussed the changes that I wanted to make and she began immediately putting things in place to help me transform my wardrobe. Yanez met with me at my home and went through my closet, creating outfits and giving me advice on what looks, styles and cuts best fit my body type. She also shared how to budget, accessorize and shop for quality pieces. Yanez even met with me at a clothing store to help me identify different looks and coach me through transitioning from simple and basic to a classier and sophisticated image.  I am so grateful for this experience. It has really changed my life. I am more confident and comfortable taking risk when I shop. I no longer feel overwhelmed about what I am going to wear and I actually like creating outfits now.  I have saved so much time and money by learning how to invest in quality purchases, and most importantly, this service has contributed to my peace of mind. INSTEAD is an amazing and life transforming service! INSTEAD is certainly a blessing and has helped me grow in esteem and creativity. Thank you!